Hello from new member.

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Hello from new member.

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Hi guys. ive been trying to join for 2 years. i guess i have some kind of mental blockage with passwords and usernames stuff. that and google wouldnt let me have access to my mail until i allowed it to read, write, send and delete my email. insane. it says that i can always go into settings and remove it. i did and they blocked it again. grrrrr! anywho, i love MOH! even though im a terrible player its still fun and i hope to help keep it going somehow. i played 10 years ago for a bit, but, only on Omaha beach. back then there was a 24/7 Omaha. the LSE guys. any of you guys out there? thank you for letting me in. kembleg7@gmail.com
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Re: Hello from new member.

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Welcome back to MOHAA!

You may want to ask in the MOHAA Discord about the LSE Clan. Someone might recognize your name or the clan.

Of course the MLS Discord if you want: https://discord.gg/XhKsT546
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