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im banned sniper

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:48 pm
by [[DOOM]]
Hola chicos, eh sido banneado de sniper, al parecer a habido una confuciòn devido a que hay otra persona ocupando mi nick name, por lo que me comentan o eh visto comentarios que ocupa wallhack y bloquea las puertas, justo en tdm me andaban acusando, lol yo no eh jugado, el que ah jugado es mi hijo pero tiene 5 años jaja y el no sabe nada de eso, mi ip es espero puedan ayudarme Gracias.

justo entro otro DOOM ayer y su nick name era -[DOOM]- o algo a si

Hello guys, I have been banned from sniper, apparently there has been a confusion because there is another person occupying my nick name, so they tell me or I have seen comments that wallhack occupies and blocks the doors, right in tdm they were accusing me, lol I have not played, the one who played is my son but he is 5 years old haha ​​and he does not know anything about that, my ip is I hope you can help me Thank you.

He entered another DOOM yesterday and his nick name was - [DOOM] - or something like that