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Is there anything that can be done about this clown Dudi? He'll start off as Method's Dante Star or Angus then switch to Son of Churro. All he does is disrupts the game by Team Nading

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Re: Dudi

Post by Crossman »

When its happening, say something on discord.

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Re: Dudi

Post by Brave_Heart »

Many are losing patience with this situation. First it was Rescuemedic who i thought was the original Rescuemedic from AB clan, an old time friend and clan mate (yes i was in AB clan for years till 2010) but he turned out to be an imposter. Him and that fictional Dudi argued alot with different names in shoutbox and on forum not realizing we can see all of them posting from same IP everywhere.
Once cover blown, started using Method clan handles. Only method guy who has been active from that glorious clan is Num... Lite knows who I am talking about.
It's easy to have some fun with impersonating people and block doors, team nade and causing trouble on the chat, its hard to buy a new computer just to do such silly things again if their MAC address is blocked. May be he needs to learn a lesson and stop doing it before it actually happens?
But then again, 20 years old game... we should be proud of keeping this game alive, there is already so much hate in the world, atleast MOHAA and MLS is trying to detest that hate.
Please dont spoil the fun that's been going on for 20 years.
Hope common sense prevails.
Cheers. Brave

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