Want to Join suggestions for applicants.

If you want to join the MLS, let us know here.
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Want to Join suggestions for applicants.

Post by Fire_Storm »

Below are several brief questions you may want answer in your introduction post. Feel Free to copy the Questions and add answers.

1.) What is your game handle?

2.) How long have you been playing MOHAA?

3.) What server/game type do you enjoy the most? (tdm, sniper/objective, freeze tag, free for all) ?

4.) Ever been on any other clans ?

5.) What is your age? ( Dont have to be specific ie: teens, 20's 30's ..)

6.) What country do you live in?

7.) What times do you normally play mohaa?

This is just a guide and you can answer as little or as many of these questions as you want. Feel free to add additional details if you wish. Just keep in mind this is a public forum and viewable to anyone in the world.
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Re: Want to Join suggestions for applicants.

Post by Unreal »

I think it's good that way

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