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I just wanted to reach out and thank those that have and continue to contribute with donations. Your support never goes un noticed and a special thank you goes to you from all of us at MLS.

We have noticed that Donations as a whole have dropped off drastically. Leaving it to just a few who donate regularly with the rest of it coming out of the few pockets monthly. We do it because we love the game and enjoy privilege of keeping the game alive for everyone. This comes at a price, and top tier hosting is not cheap and the cost are only going higher along with everything else. What I am asking is, lets get back on track with donations so the cost doesn't rest on the few.

That being said. Look for some changes in the next coming months as we shift some things around to reallocate funding to better serve MLS and the great MOHAA community. Any major changes will be made public via website and Discord. And will be communicated well in advance when possible.

Again I thank you all for helping us keep this great game alive until now and for the many years to come. And Remember Donations can be made from the website securely with a Button on the front page through paypal. Or you can get in contact with Lite Brave or myself to arrange a donations in other ways if you cant use paypal.
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Re: Donations.

Post by AXIS_Nadman »

I just give you my 3rd donation.

We love to play, so we need to contribute !
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