RAMHN, there are cheaters out there that steal names/tags. Don’t assume because they changed their name to match somebody else that they are that person.
Hello Everybody! Just a little heads up: please do use the FORUM on the section REPORT CHEATERS instead of this shout box… RAMHN please observe this, you can be very useful for us with your reports if you use the correct place for it. Thanks.
David Aceves
I am seeing that I was banned … I have not connected to the server these days until today
HEY Lefty sent you a PM
Rct .- * - RAMHN - * -
Hey admins, hack 8n TDM ( .h(V)f.[Me. Death] ) is USING aimbot, & wallhack, is join Allied & Axis, TAKE note .
Rct .- * - RAMHN - * -
Hack wallhack (Instagram)
Rct .- * - RAMHN - * -
Ok, no more reports here, sry,
Rct .- * - RAMHN - * -
I am sorry that my reports of hackers are annoying to you, or to any of you. I think that my duty as a member of the clan is to report anomalies, but that’s fine, on my part I will not make any report, since I don’t see another section for it. No more r
Your reports aren’t annoying, on the contrary, Your reports are helpful to all admins, but the problem is that you are posting in the wrong section. You should post your reports in the report cheaters forum.
Also you should post one report for each cheater. If you post from 4 to 6 times for one cheater, that’s literally considered as spams!!
Yes, best bet is to check for an admin on discord or the sniper server. If no dice, perhaps not one online at the moment, but we see the posts and look out fir the person. So, please use the correct forum, and don’t be discouraged.
Scrim tonight!?!?
David Aceves
Good evening friends … I want to enter the TDM server but my IP is banned I can enter the others but not this one
LEFTY check your PM’s
hello LEFTY Check my Message Thanks .
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